Saturday, February 1, 2014

Reasons to keep fighting . . . 

If I had to list three of the most influential thinkers in the last
five years I would have to say: Hitchens, Zizek and Krugman.

The Hitchens love affair started with this video, an argument against a 
hate speech law in Canada.


I tried to absorb all his talks and writing after this, especially the Atheism debates and
through youtube's filmarchive his early 80's and 90's appearances on C-SPAN's Washington Journal with Brian Lamb. Something very romantic about pre-Clinton news media . . his death was a worldly sadness. 

Zizek was around the same time, one of the most brilliant philosophers of the 21st century whose combination of communism, psychoanalysis and film critique opened up everything for me. I would say any chance for intellectual revolution, artistic antagonism and/or a future of a loving community comes from this man.

Krugman is an old reliable and although his liberalism still ends up being an argument for capitalism none the less his analysis of the financial collapse and the failure of politicians to use economic theory as a tool for self preservation earns him a place in my last five years, not to mention he has a good ASMR voice. 

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